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anyone got any ideas?

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Subject: [liberationtech] Here's a pro bono satellite imagery project -
what should we use it for?
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Dear All,

I will be doing some independent consulting work (starting next week) for
Crowd4Sat <http://www.crowd4sat.org/> (website still under development).
This project combines the power of citizen science with observations from

My role is to identify compelling applications that will produce
data/analysis that is very much needed by humanitarian, development, human
rights, and/or public health, etc organizations. Once compelling
applications are identified, Crowd4Sat will obtain the necessary imagery,
customize a citizen science platform and invite digital volunteers to
analyze the imagery. The results will then be shared with the humanitarian,
development, human rights, etc, organizations that requested the

I'd be grateful if you could email me directly (off list) if you know of a
compelling use case, or know of an organization that could take direct
advantage of this pro bono project to expand their impact.

Many thanks,

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