[@OKau] Ways of improving data to help solve domestic violence

Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
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Thanks Rosie :)

I agree there is a long game and lots of heavy lifting to do on many social
issues. Very glad to have you working as you have on so many great
initiatives. Consistently, thoughtfully and with dedication :)

As many do, you do certainly rock!

On Friday, November 13, 2015, Rosie Williams <BudgetAus at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I think it could be useful to clarify my goals.
> I have been arguing for engagement with the broader community with regard
> to the role of open data in addressing social issues all year and I have
> brought this up on this very list months ago.
> http://infoaus.net/wp/twitter-chats-for-problem-solving-with-open-data/
> Twitter chats for problem solving with open data
> I recently did something radical. Instead of relying on a bunch of
> programmers to come up with ideas for open data projects that can be
> completed in a 24hour hackathon with no outside consultation, I went out
> into the community (virtually) and paid attention to what various interest
> groups and their advocates were saying about…
>
> <http://infoaus.net/wp/twitter-chats-for-problem-solving-with-open-data/>
> and also
> http://infoaus.net/projects/index.php/Problems_that_open_data_can_help_solve
> Personally, I am not aiming to set up hackathons but to work at the level
> of improving data available for use in research, advocacy and projects that
> use open data. Nor am I solely focussed on the issue of domestic
> violence. Many of the requests made regarding social issues come up against
> issues caused by multiple jurisdictions. I suspect a lot of what people
> would like to see done (regardless of particular topic involved) can't be
> done until or unless these issues are resolved so the efforts I am taking
> are aimed at fixing that for all topics rather than for one specific
> topic.  The submission to the QLD domestic violence strategy is solely my
> initiative unless other people help me write it (mostly to the time limit
> involved) but a first effort to put on the public record the importance of
> issues facing open data in the solution of social problems.
> If anyone here has input for this submission due Monday please share it
> asap either here, privately or request an invite to the Slack community.
> Post regarding submission
> https://openaus.net.au/blog/2015/11/09/submission-to-the-qld-domestic-violence-strategy/
> <http://if%20anyone%20here%20has%20input%20for%20this%20submission%20due%20monday%20please%20share%20it%20asap%20either%20here%2C%20privately%20or%20request%20an%20invite%20to%20the%20slack%20community./>
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> Anne-Marie is where this all started :)
> Ref is here: http://au.okfn.org/what-we-do/projects/hackfordv/
> Hoots!

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