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Thanks for that report. I've added it to my resources for people looking into housing/homelessness at http://infoaus.net/projects/index.php/Housing_homelessness

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HI team,

earlier this year during a tableau meetup I gave a quick pitch on real estate and how geo-spatial analysis can assist the affordability quagmire. I would like to come and pitch in detail on this exciting new report we have, building on our now 8 year old Speculative Vacancies report<http://www.earthsharing.org.au/campaigns/>. You may have heard of Docklands 30% vacant - well thats us. Our exciting new report goes further up the production line to analyse market manipulations. There is just so much vacant property laughing in our faces. Loveland out of Detroit<https://makeloveland.com/us/mi/wayne/detroit#b=neighborhoods> are doing great work in this space. I would like to book in a time to do that presentation, in say early February.

I also have a 2nd request, would anyone have a few spare hours in the next few weeks or so to jimmy up a visualisation of our top 20 vacancy heat map in tableau? We are looking to release our next Speculative vacancy report soon. This is what was done in a rush last year. <https://public.tableau.com/profile/prosper1161#%21/vizhome/SV7_Top20residencialvacancy_v2/Sheet2> We don't really know the capabilities of tableau and would be keen to hear your advice. Golly I wish we had the arms to run a crowdfunding for this important work!

thanks for your time,

Karl Fitzgerald
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