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Hi all
In a slightly embarrassed bit of self promotion, I'm forwarding some info
about a talk tomorrow night in Sydney, in case it's of interest. It's about
moving to decentralised models for evidence-keeping, in journalism and in
recordkeeping/archives, using blockchain technology.

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Subject: [rimp_list] Recordkeeping Roundtable Sydney event - Trust Networks
and Tigers - New models for journalism and archives
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Dear All

A reminder to those who have registered and a last shout out to anyone else
who might want to come along!

Tomorrow night the Recordkeeping Roundable will be presenting a fascinating
discussion facilitated by Cassie Findlay, Trust Networks and Tigers - New
models for journalism and archives.

When: Wednesday 14 October, 5:30 – 7pm

Where: Seminar Room, ATP Innovations – Ground Floor, National Innovation
Centre, Australian Technology Park, Redfern (directions
<http://atp-innovations.com.au/contact-and-location/> -

Cost: $5, payable on the night (snacks and beverages provided)

*To register:* Go to the online booking form

*Cassie’s lecture, Trust Networks and Tigers - New models for journalism
and archives, was first delivered on 26 August as the *ARANZ Wellington
Branch annual lecture.

Presented again for Sydney-based colleagues, Cassie’s lecture will argue
that both the archival/recordkeeping and journalistic professions are going
through fundamental change and risk extinction without significant and
rapid evolution. Both are losing their grip on the forms of control that
once gave them a monopoly; online, anyone can disseminate a story or
construct an archive. Both are operating in the midst of the political
forces that come into play around information access, and both are
struggling to find ways to continue to fulfill their missions as a result.
Questions of trust, power, authenticity and connectedness are central to
understanding and responding to these changes, for both professions.

In this lecture Cassie will examine the rise of new models for journalism,
including the world of leaks publishing, civic hacking and information
activism, and consider the potential of emerging technologies such as the
crypto-currency bitcoin and its underlying infrastructure, the blockchain.
She will explain how for those of us in recordkeeping and archives,
understanding and engaging with these movements can help us to challenge
some of our assumptions and reimagine our methods to better meet the needs
of a connected world.

Hope to see you there!


Kate Cumming

Recordkeeping Roundtable

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