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Matthew Cengia mattcen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 04:25:37 UTC 2016

Is anybody else interested in taking the lead on an Open Knowledge Miniconf
next year? Here's the playlist from last time to see some of the stuff we
talked about:

I'd really love for somebody else to take this on! Who's up for the task :)?

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 2:30 PM, Maia Sauren <maia.sauren at gmail.com> wrote:

> FYI. CFP will not extend beyond 5 august this year, so get writing. matt
> cengia ran a miniconf at LCA last year which went pretty well, to hear it
> told.
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> From: Christopher Neugebauer (linux.conf.au 2017) <
> chair at hobart.lca2017.org>
> Date: 4 July 2016 at 09:28
> Subject: [Lca-papers] linux.conf.au 2017 in Hobart -- Talk, Tutorial, and
> Miniconf submissions now open!
> To: Linux Australia List <linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au>,
> announce at lists.linux.org.au, lca-announce at lists.linux.org.au
> We’re rather pleased to announce that the Call for Proposals for
> linux.conf.au 2017 is now open!
> linux.conf.au is one of the best-known community-driven Free and Open
> Source Software conferences in the world. In 2017, we’re welcoming you
> to Hobart, Tasmania, on Monday 16 through to Friday 20 January.
> You can read this Call for Proposals, and submit a proposal at
> https://linux.conf.au/proposals
> * Call for Proposals Opens: 4 July 2016
> * CFP Closes: 5 August 2016
> * Notifications from the programme committee: Mid-September 2016
> * Conference Opens: 16 January 2017
> linux.conf.au is a conference where people gather to learn about the
> entire world of Free and Open Source Software, directly from the
> people who shape the projects and topics that they’re presenting on.
> If you’re working with Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware,
> if you’re exploring openness in a field outside of technology, or if
> you’re doing something that you think will be interesting to people
> interested in Open Source, we want to hear from you!
> linux.conf.au welcomes first-time and seasoned speakers from all free
> and open technology communities – people of all ages, genders,
> nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, abilities, and
> walks of life. We respect and encourage diversity at our conference.
> The theme for linux.conf.au 2017 is _The Future of Open Source_. So,
> while we’re interested in hearing anything new and exciting about Free
> and Open Source Software – especially stories about the projects
> you’ve worked on – we’re inviting you to think especially about how
> the world of Open Source will look in the future.
> Here are some suggestions to get you started with your proposal ideas:
> linux.conf.au is well-known for deeply technical talks, and lca2017
> will be no exception. Our attendees want to be the first to know about
> new and upcoming developments in the tools they already use every day,
> and they want to know about new open source technology that they’ll be
> using daily in two years time.
> Many of the techniques that have made Open Source so successful in the
> software and hardware world are now being applied to fields as
> disparate as science, data, government, and the law. We want to know
> how Open Thinking will help to shape your field in the future, and
> more importantly, we want to know how the rest of the world can help
> shape the future of Open Source.
> It’s easy to think that Open Source has won, but for every success we
> achieve, a new challenge pops up. Are we missing opportunities in
> desktop and mobile computing? Why is the world suddenly running away
> from open and federated communications? Why don’t the new generation
> of developers care about licensing? Let’s talk about how Software
> Freedom and Open Source can better meet the needs of our users and
> developers for years to come.
> It’s hard for us to predict the future, but we know that you should be
> a part of it. If you think you have something to say about Free and
> Open Source Software, then we want to hear from you, even if it
> doesn’t fit any of the categories above.
> We’re accepting submissions for three different types of proposal:
> * Presentation (45 minutes): These are generally presented in lecture
> format and form the bulk of the available conference slots.
> * Tutorial (100 minutes): These are generally presented in a classroom
> format. They should be interactive or hands-on in nature. Tutorials
> are expected to have a specific learning outcome for attendees.
> * Miniconf (full-day): Single-track mini-conferences that run for the
> duration of a day on either Monday or Tuesday. We provide the room,
> and you provide the speakers. Together, you can explore a field in
> Free and Open Source software in depth.
> In recognition of the value that speakers bring to our conference,
> once a proposal is accepted, one speaker per proposal is entitled to:
> * Free registration, which holds all of the benefits of a Professional
> Delegate Ticket
> * A complimentary ticket to the Speakers' Dinner for the speaker, with
> additional tickets for significant others and children of the speaker
> available for purchase.
> * Optionally, recognition as a Fairy Penguin Sponsor, available at 50%
> off the advertised price
> If your proposal includes more than one speaker, these additional
> speakers will be entitled to:
> * Professional or hobbyist registration at the Early Bird rate,
> regardless of whether the Early Bird rate is generally available
> * Speakers’ dinner tickets available for purchase at cost
> As a volunteer-run non-profit conference, linux.conf.au does not pay
> speakers to present at the conference.
> linux.conf.au is able to provide limited financial assistance for some
> speakers, for instance where the cost of flights or accommodation
> might prohibit a speaker from attending. You can indicate your need
> for financial assistance when making your proposal.
> If there are other financial barriers – including those that affect
> accessibility – to your participation in linux.conf.au, you can
> indicate this when making your proposal as well.
> We will try to accommodate as many requests for assistance as possible
> within our limited budget.
> linux.conf.au aims to be accommodating to everyone who wants to attend
> or present at the conference. We recognise that some people face
> accessibility challenges. If you have special accessibility
> requirements, you can provide that information when submitting your
> proposal so that we can plan to properly accommodate you.
> By agreeing to present at or attend the conference, you are agreeing
> to abide by the terms and conditions
> (https://linux.conf.au/attend/terms-and-conditions). We expect all
> speakers and delegates to have read, understood, and act according to
> the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct
> (https://linux.conf.au/attend/code-of-conduct).
> To increase the number of people that can view your presentation,
> linux.conf.au might record your talk and make it publicly available
> after the event. We plan to release recordings of every talk at the
> conference under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence. When
> submitting your proposal you may note that you do not wish to have
> your talk released.
> Additionally, if the subject of your presentation is a software
> project, you must ensure the software has an Open Source
> Initiative-approved licence at the time of the close of our CFP.
> Go to our site at https://linux.conf.au/proposals -- you can create an
> account and submit a proposal over there.
> --
> --Christopher Neugebauer
> Conference Director - linux.conf.au - January 2017 - Hobart
> Call for Proposals now open - Closes Friday 5 August -
> linux.conf.au/proposals
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