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Looking forward to seeing the result Rosie! I'm on maternity leave so looking to do some more citizen side data hacking in my time off.


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Hi Tom, 

I'm actually implementing content via a Mooc! 

I hope to have the first ready by the end of this week (just struggling with the LMS). I'm converting what was originally intended as a presentation into course format so it isn't intended to take a great deal of time to do although it will take a few hours all up. I decided to implement it as a course so that both myself and participants could access it at any time and do it at their own pace as opposed to making it an 'event' where everyone had to be there at the same time. This should mean that no matter what happens with me with regard to my source of income I can commit to this because I'm not tied down to specific times and days. It's also encouraged me to add a bit more content and provide activities that can take a bit more time and reflection. 

The first course is intended for the general public and is suitable for people who may never have heard the term open data before. It is very basic but it is also a lot of fun. I give people the opportunity to learn how to use data.gov.au and IdeaScale.  I give people the opportunity to think about what kinds of problems open data might address whether it be published by a government or crowd-sourced from the public. It is more about getting people to learn how to use existing services, imagine the potential of open data and contribute their own ideas in a supportive community- to guide people to an understanding of how open data can be useful to them.

Another module provides an opportunity for people to contribute to a master list of data-sets they would like to see opened and I'll be submitting this list to the Open Government Partnership consultation. So I'm providing a way for people who are unfamiliar with the whole open government topic to participate in the National Action Plan. 

Finally, participants are asked to put together a brief interview (3-5 questions) for an open data advocate and to post the results of that interview. I think this will provide an interesting resource for other students. There's no end point to this course. Being a mooc, people can just stay in it and see what other people contribute down the line. 

I think this is all quite a bit different to what will have been presented before as an open data course although that is not deliberate on my part, just the way this one has panned out. In the short term I'd like to follow up with a couple of others, a course focusing on budget transparency and another advanced open data course for people who do work with open data. As time goes on there's obviously scope for addressing the needs of specific audiences. 


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On Sat, 5 Mar 2016 23:58:13 +0000 Rosie Williams wrote

> ... I'm developing courses to educate various audiences in open data....

Perhaps you could target the students of the new the Australian
Curriculum: Technologies and that would do for everyone else as well:

The University of Adelaide developed an on-line training course for
teachers. Perhaps there is something on open data and if not there
should be?

At 6 Mar 2016 11:41:23 +1100 Craig Thomler replied:

> Hi Rosie, Have you looked into the ODI courses and what ODI Qld is doing?

ODI offer a 13 part series of online courses, with a  Creative Commons
license: http://queensland.theodi.org/home/learning/courses/

I tried the first one "What is open data?", but all I got on my slow
wireless link was "loading":

Perhaps a more efficient implementation is needed.

> Also there was a course run in Canberra through Finance by Pia &
> Steve which has materials online under CC that could be reused. ...

I sat in on one of the sessions at Finance. There was a lot of useful
content, but was not structured as a "course". However, that was some
years ago and I expect more has been done.

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