[@OKau] Productivity Commission review into open data

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Would it be a good idea if the Productivity Commission was on the list of agencies included in the OGPNAP?


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Thanks Markus,

That's an awesome step.




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On 23 March 2016 at 10:22, Markus Buchhorn <m.buchhorn at outlook.com<mailto:m.buchhorn at outlook.com>> wrote:

Hi all

FYI, announced on Monday. I suspect there might be one or two folks on this list who care enough to make a submission... :)


"The Commission is required to:

-          look at the benefits and costs of making public and private datasets more available

-          examine options for collection, sharing and release of data

-          identify ways consumers can use and benefit from access to data, particularly data about themselves

-          consider how to preserve individual privacy and control over data use."

The Terms of Reference are there, an Issues Paper is due soon.


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