[okfn-be] okfn-be Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10

Bart Van Loon bart at zeropoint.it
Mon Dec 12 09:21:38 UTC 2011

It was Mon Dec 12 at 09:42AM when Miel Vander Sande wrote:
> What open data is concerned, one star data is already open data, where
> open licensed formats are not required. Your data also just has to be
> available, but how? When I look at the definition of OKFN, they are
> the only ones putting restrictions on the restrictions: "A piece of
> content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and
> redistribute it - subject only,**at most, to the requirement to
> attribute and share-alike**"

This kind of reminds me of the difference between the GPL and BSD
families of the free software licenses. Both adhere to the four basic
freedoms, but the BSD license doesn't `restrict' the redistributor to
apply a similar license to the software.

This is why they call the GPL license `viral'.

I suppose the parallel with Open Data can be drawn here as well.

Bart Van Loon

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