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Peter Dedecker Peter.Dedecker at N-VA.be
Thu Dec 15 10:23:52 UTC 2011

Great, welcome!

I especially like your attempt to parse lachambre.be as I use this annoying site a lot. If you are able to parse the committee meeting schedule and allow me to trigger on my name there, that would be a great help to organize myself as we are not notified on the content of changes in the schedule and we always have to scan the whole thing for our individual changes. The Chamber isn't the most progressive institution regarding IT...

So good luck and welcome in the group!


On 15-dec.-2011, at 05:44, Laurent Peuch <psycojoker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I never know how to present myself, but let's try it:
> I'm Laurent Peuch (Bram on irc), from the Internet, I'm a free
> software/freedom/Internet lover/activist and a code addict.
> In the informations that might interest you, I'm:
> - involved since quite some time already as a volunteer in la
>  Quadrature du Net, a French citizen group that defend our freedom
>  (especially of expression) on the Internet and Net Neutrality. It
>  has been especially involved against ACTA.
> - also involved since the beginning in NURPA, a Belgium citizen group
>  that participate in the same subjects than la Quadrature du Net but
>  in Belgium (and also at the European level).
> - the main develop of the political memory of la Quadrature du Net
>  which rely a lot of opendata (provided by Parltrack for the
>  European Parliament and by NosDeputes.Fr for the French Assemble).
>  It's one of our main campaign tools that also allow us to compare
>  how our elected representatives match our voting recommendations on
>  text that are related to our subjects (ie: the vote on the
>  resolution on ACTA).
> - also involved in Neutrinet.
> - probably forgetting something.
> - the fact that I have just started to parse lachambre.be to create
>  structured data out of it because I'm very annoyed that no one has
>  ever done this yet (at my knowledge) reminded me to subscribe to
>  this list.
> I subscribed to this list to be informed on what is happening on
> opendata in Belgium (I'm quite disconnected with this community in
> general) and also because I'm very happy to see things moving and see
> if I can give an hand.
> I believe that this is the right time for us citizens to change the
> society by building the right tools, especially on the political level
> by taking back our role in it, and that opendata is a key element to
> that (but not only for that).
> I'm also addicted to chocolate and cats.
> Nice to meet you :)
> -- 
> Laurent Peuch -- Bram
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