[okfn-be] presentation

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 17:01:47 UTC 2012

Hi Laurent,

This looks really cool! I hope we can make good use of this very soon!


On 01/26/2012 02:48 AM, Laurent Peuch wrote:
> FYI I've just finished to extract all the data from the "documents"
> pages of (lachambre|dekamer).be (but only in french, for the moment).
> You can see the result here http://dieren.vnurpa.ethylix.be/lachambre/document/
> One example with quite a lot of data http://dieren.vnurpa.ethylix.be/lachambre/document/1825/
> Haven't choose yet on what I will focus next.

iRail vzw/asbl

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