[okfn-be] Release drinks December 13th

Jan Vansteenlandt jan at okfn.be
Thu Dec 5 09:48:06 UTC 2013

Dear OKFN enthusiast, member, volunteer,

tl;dr: come have a drink the 13th of December at 17:00 in the Start-up
Garage of iMinds (Ghent) to get to know OKFN Belgium. RSVP here:

You may have been wondering what a not for profit is doing in the start-up
garage. The Open Knowlegde Foundation is an organisation that wants to see
the data that should be publicly used by start-ups, app developers, data
journalists, etc., so that it becomes useful for everyone. It’s easy to
tell that an organisation should open up their data for third parties, the
hard part is explaining how they should do it. To answer the latter, we
have been developing The DataTank for the past 3 years.

The DataTank creates a Web interface on top of any data source. If we don’t
support your kind of data source out of the box, you can write a couple of
lines of code to make it happen. The DataTank <http://thedatatank.com/> can
be used by organisations that want to bootstrap an open data policy, by
hackathons to give a low barrier programming interface to hackers, by
start-ups to create a RESTful interface on top of a dataset they’ve
gathered, etc.

The 13th of December at 17:00, we’re launching the latest stable version of
The DataTank. We will give you a short non technical overview of the stable
features of The DataTank, of at which organisations it’s going to be
installed and what professional services we offer on top of the product.

Until then, feel free to start playing with this new release and give us
feedback on some small examples we've published on

Kind regards,

Jan Vansteenlandt

We Open Data Working Group - OKFN Belgium
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