[okfn-be] Invitation to join the ENGAGE open data community

Anneke Zuiderwijk-van Eijk - TBM A.M.G.Zuiderwijk-vanEijk at tudelft.nl
Mon Jul 22 09:33:06 UTC 2013

Dear all,

You are kindly invited to join the ENGAGE community, which is a growing community of researchers, developers, civil servants journalists, entrepreneurs, archivists, librarians and citizens who have professional or personal interest in Open Data and PSI.

Feel free to search through thousands of datasets and view, download, visualise any of them. You may also go through a simple registration process and gain access to more value-added services, such as requesting, submitting or extending a dataset.

Help ENGAGE to become a social and collaborative space with significant impact on the way Open Data and PSI is published and re-used.

To visit the ENGAGE platform go to: http://www.engagedata.eu

Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Follow us on:
Twitter: @engage_eu
Facebook: engage.project

ENGAGE is a combination of CP & CSA project funded under the European Commission FP7 Programme.

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