[okfn-be] Looking for Open Knowledge advocates and data crunchers

Pieter-Jan Pauwels pieter-jan.pauwels at okfn.org
Tue Apr 14 07:58:38 UTC 2015

Dear list,

May is to be an interesting month regarding events and we’re looking for a few people to help us out managing it all. 
Just reply to this email and i’ll get you in contact with the right people. 

1. On the 21st of May at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels we want to put up an Open Knowledge stand in the fair space, with a banner, stickers, some leaflets and of course some Open Knowledge advocates. I would be happy to do it myself, but I’m on parental leave. Our intern Lara however can assist you guys and Pieter Colpaert of our board will be talking during the conference.

The conference is all about empowering biodiversity research.  
http://www.biodiversity.be/conference2015/ <http://www.biodiversity.be/conference2015/>

Anyone up for manning our booth? 

2. On May 7th is the hackathon of annual Dataharvest & European Investigative Journalism Conference in Brussels, organised by Journalismfund.eu <http://journalismfund.eu/>, a network support structure for European investigative journalism. 
They plan a hack day to crunch some data sets, so journalists (in collaboration with developers) can plan story ideas during the conference. Would any of you be around or know people who’d be happy to assist that day – and if possible stay during the conference to collaborate with journalists?

So if you’re a fanatic data cruncher who wants to help these journalists out, feel free to join them. 
This last request came from: brigitte at alfter.dk <mailto:brigitte at alfter.dk>, feel free to contact her directly. 

Kind regards,
Pieter-Jan Pauwels
Community Coordinator, Open Knowledge Belgium
m: +32 476 66 27 77 <tel:+32 476 66 27 77> | e: pieter-jan.pauwels at okfn.org <mailto:pieter-jan.pauwels at okfn.org> | w: okfn.be <http://okfn.be/> 

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