[okfn-be] OpenCon 2015 in Brussels

Gwen Franck gwen at creativecommons.org
Fri Jan 9 15:03:06 UTC 2015

Hello everybody!

First of all, let me all wish you a very happy New Year!

I have a question for you all: last month, I was approached by the
organizers of OpenCon (Righttoresearch and SPARC -
http://www.opencon2014.org/). They are thinking of having OpenCon 2015 in
Brussels (the 2014 edition was in Washington). As this is a rather
prestigious event (over 200 attendants), gathering students and Open Access
activists from all over the world, I think this would be a great event to
have here in Belgium.

The event would be in November, during a weekend, with an additional
'lobby-day' on Monday (the idea is to get the students in touch with the
policy makers, mainly on European level).
But, as they don't have a representative in Belgium, they were asking for
pointers, so I promised them that I'd get in touch with relevant
communities, such as you. So if you have any suggestions for venues,
accommodations, speakers, sponsors etc., I'd love to hear that from you so
that I can pass it on.
I also understand that they'd have a budget to employ a student 'on the
ground' for a couple of days a month, so if anyone's interested in that,
give me a shout and I'll pass it on.

Best, and have a nice weekend!


Gwen Franck
Creative Commons
Regional Coordinator Europe
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