[okfn-be] Invitation to the 2016 general assembly of Open Knowledge Belgium vzw/asbl

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Tue Oct 11 15:54:28 UTC 2016

Dear all,

With this e-mail the daily management 
<http://www.openknowledge.be/team/> of Open Knowledge Belgium is happy 
to invite you to the open /General Assembly/ of Open Knowledge Belgium 
vzw/asbl, for which you can register here: 

The General Assembly on the 25th of November will start *at 16:00* in 
Ghent (next time will be in Brussels, pinky promise) in the Backstay Bar 
and is open to everyone: official members of the organization, as well 
as volunteers, or people who want to be more active in the general work 
of the non-profit (supporting open knowledge initiatives, umbrella 
organization business). We will provide the drinks, you should provide 
us with your brains and enthusiasm for Open Knowledge!

The programme will look as follows:

  * A state of play, presented by the board members, of the general Open 
Knowledge board: our finances as well as our upcoming general projects 
will be discussed.

  * Open Belgium conference 2017 will be in February in Brussels: should 
we have a specific focus? Open discussion

  * Open Summer of code 2016 → open Summer of code 2017: we will present 
the learnings and outcomes of this year and discuss next year!

  * We will say goodbye to Pieter-Jan Pauwels as an employee and welcome 
him as a new daily management member. Furthermore, we will also 
introduce our new community manager to the audience.

  * Presentations by the working groups that want to give an update on 
their state of play, and welcoming of potentially 2 new working groups 
(still under discussion, we hope to be able to give a short overview of 
the new working groups then)!

  * We will leave our office in the Sint Salvatorstraat, and instead 
make use of the Flex Desks that are provided to us in Brussels (the city 
of our new community manager) and in Ghent (we have several options 

  * Yannick H'Madoun is leaving his position as representative for the 
Creative Commons Belgium community and by the General Assembly, we also 
hope that Creative Commons Belgium will have a new representative to be 
included in the board of directors.

After this official programme, there will be a goodbye drink for 
Pieter-Jan, who will leave us as a full-time employee and instead join 
us as a volunteer in the daily management, as well as a welcome drink 
for our yet to be announced new full-time community manager (or whatever 
he will want to call himself ;-) )!

Hope to see you there and feel free to forward this mail!

Pieter Colpaert
In name of our daily management

+32 486 74 71 22

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