[okfn-be] Request use cases - feedback - tool in development

Maxime Gobert maxime.gobert at unamur.be
Thu Feb 15 10:48:17 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

I'm a researcher at the University of Namur and I'm currently working on 
a project on Data Interoperability and the link between model and data, 
and I'm new to the Open Data subject.

Regarding this subject I quickly oriented my work towards the Open Data 
and Linked Data.

How could the Open Data currently available be enriched with semantic 
data (with the 5-star model of Tim Berners Lee in mind) ? And How could 
a user of Open Data easily find datasets about a particular subject 
(regarding the fact that there is a plethora of data portals with 
limited search functionalities) ?

Having those questions in mind I started developing a tool.

The main functionalities of this tool are :

-    Extraction of csv data sets via API of CKAN data portals.

-    Analysis of column data types.

-    Partial Semantic enrichment (currently with DBPedia resources)

-    Search of analyzed files (via a text or a file). The tool will find 
similar files (based on structure of the file, extracted meta data, 
values, + other criteria possible not yet developed)

-    Merger / Enhancer. The tool can currently merge (similar as 
external sql join) two files based on two chosen columns. Future goal is 
also to add columns to a file and get the data from the identified 
dbpedia resources.

-    Exporter. Finally the tool can export the result in the Data 
Package Format of Frictionless data (https://frictionlessdata.io/)

This is still a prototype and the reason I'm writing to you today is 
that I'm searching for concrete use cases or users that could be 
interested in such a tool in order to validate it's usefulness and 
further develop it with new ideas and feedback.

One example would be a startup that used or want to use Open Data, what 
are their problems regarding the searching of Open Data? What if they 
had such a tool?

Anyway I could be interested in having contacts and discussions with 
interested parties and see where it goes :)

PS : I will be attending the Open Belgium event on 12 march.

Thank you in advance for any feedback,

Best regards,

Maxime Gobert



maxime.gobert at unamur.be <mailto:maxime.gobert at unamur.be>

Université de Namur ASBL
Rue de Bruxelles 61 - 5000 Namur

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