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Alina Saenko alina at packed.be
Mon Feb 19 12:04:55 UTC 2018

Hi Maxime,

Your project sounds very interesting. My colleague Sam en I are going to
speak on Open Belgium about the state of 'linked open data' in the cultural
heritage and how it is a dream only possible if there are more of these LOD
tools and infrastructure available. The tool you are working on sounds like
a good example of the support that cultural heritage - with its 'plethora
of data portals' - needs.

If you are interested in a use case: in 2016 we published a set of data
about artworks on Wikidata as LOD, but we are yet to find out how these
data can be reused outside of the Wiki-community:
Is this something for you?

It would be interesting to learn more about your tool and your research.
Maybe we see each other during one of the coffee breaks on 12th of March?

Best regards,

On 15 February 2018 at 11:48, Maxime Gobert <maxime.gobert at unamur.be> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm a researcher at the University of Namur and I'm currently working on a
> project on Data Interoperability and the link between model and data, and
> I'm new to the Open Data subject.
> Regarding this subject I quickly oriented my work towards the Open Data
> and Linked Data.
> How could the Open Data currently available be enriched with semantic data
> (with the 5-star model of Tim Berners Lee in mind) ? And How could a user
> of Open Data easily find datasets about a particular subject (regarding the
> fact that there is a plethora of data portals with limited search
> functionalities) ?
> Having those questions in mind I started developing a tool.
> The main functionalities of this tool are :
> -    Extraction of csv data sets via API of CKAN data portals.
> -    Analysis of column data types.
> -    Partial Semantic enrichment (currently with DBPedia resources)
> -    Search of analyzed files (via a text or a file). The tool will find
> similar files (based on structure of the file, extracted meta data, values,
> + other criteria possible not yet developed)
> -    Merger / Enhancer. The tool can currently merge (similar as external
> sql join) two files based on two chosen columns. Future goal is also to add
> columns to a file and get the data from the identified dbpedia resources.
> -    Exporter. Finally the tool can export the result in the Data Package
> Format of Frictionless data (https://frictionlessdata.io/)
> This is still a prototype and the reason I'm writing to you today is that
> I'm searching for concrete use cases or users that could be interested in
> such a tool in order to validate it's usefulness and further develop it
> with new ideas and feedback.
> One example would be a startup that used or want to use Open Data, what
> are their problems regarding the searching of Open Data? What if they had
> such a tool?
> Anyway I could be interested in having contacts and discussions with
> interested parties and see where it goes :)
> PS : I will be attending the Open Belgium event on 12 march.
> Thank you in advance for any feedback,
> Best regards,
> Maxime Gobert
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