[okfn-br] Good news: Brazil's Freedom of Information Act was approved today!

Everton Zanella Alvarenga everton137 em gmail.com
Segunda Outubro 31 12:13:27 UTC 2011

Em 31/10/2011 10:00, "Lucy Chambers" <lucy.chambers em okfn.org> escreveu:

> Congratulations! For stuff like this in future, would someone care to
> draft a one paragraph note for the OKF blog? (when you guys get your
> blog up and running, perhaps we can set this up as a pattern: post a
> one paragraph summary in English on the OKF blog to direct people's
> attention to an event on your blog (with a link) and then write a full
> post in Portuguese there)
> What do people think?

Sounds perfect!

About our own blog, I can set it up. Wich domain should I use? Until the
end of this week we can already have it ready!

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