[okfn-br] Open Data Research in the "South"

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock em okfn.org
Sexta Agosto 31 07:35:55 UTC 2012

May be of interest to folks from OKFn-Br :-)


"The project will fund a series of detailed case studies that examine
the emerging impacts of specific on-going open data initiatives that
address key development themes. Cases could look at"

"As a result of this call, we expect to issue a series of grants
ranging from USD$25,000 to USD$75,000. It is expected that smaller
grants will focus on small, single-country or local initiative cases,
and larger grants can include a wider range of activities such as
multi-country comparisons of open data about a particular governance
domain (e.g. budget, cities, extractive industries), technical
assistance to on-going initiatives and/or significant engagement with
relevant policy dialogues."

Deadline: 10th of September

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