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Hello Muriel,

This is great news. I think it might already have been sharing on this 
list, but in case not, the recently launched Open Contracting Data 
Standard could be useful in operationalising some of this. Details and 
documentation at http://standard.open-contracting.org/

One of the things we worked hard to do in building the standard and 
specification was to combine technical field-level specs for 
representing data, with some more policy oriented implementation 
guidance at 
which sets out different levels of breadth and depth of publication that 
authorities can move towards.

All the best


On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 5:47 AM, Muriel Staub <muriel.staub at opendata.ch 
<mailto:muriel.staub at opendata.ch>> wrote:

    Hi everybody,

    we’re glad to inform you that the Swiss Council of States approved
    a motion which calls for the "publication of the basic data of all
    procurements done by the Swiss Federal Government being higher
    than 50’000 Swiss Francs (~42’000€)“.
    The need to lower the threshold from 230’000 CHF (WTO
    standard) to 50’000 CHF is mainly the result of past
    misemployment. As a consequence of the acceptance of the motion,
    future illegitimate breakdown in smaller mandates (below the
    threshold of 230’000) which are assigned to the same company are
    going to be uncovered and de facto impossible.

    The motion was handed in by the co-president of the swiss
    parliamentary group „digital sustainability“, Edith
    Graf-Litscher, at the beginning of this year. After the Swiss
    Federal Council suggested the acceptance of this motion, the
    National Council approved it in June 2014 and the Council of States
    did likewise last week.

    The legal basis for this adoption will be provided with the revision
    of the Ordinance on Government Procurement. Furthermore the
    requirement for open publication of procurement data will be
    integrated in the general terms and conditions of the Confederation.

    Our very best wishes from Switzerland,
    Muriel for Opendata.ch

    Muriel Staub
    Swiss Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation
    muriel.staub at opendata.ch <mailto:muriel.staub at opendata.ch>
    +41 79 752 78 69 <tel:%2B41%2079%20752%2078%2069>

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