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New invitation
Submission Dateline: April 19th, 2015

Express yourself!
Our Communities, the Society, our Future! 


Trends, values and services

Conference of the Library Information Community of Quebec (CLIC) invites you to EXPRESS YOURSELF at our 7th annual conference at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from 18-20 November 2015.

The programming committee suggests three themes for you to consider:

*	Universal access to information and to education:

What are the factors (sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, socioeconomic factors, living environment, etc.) that limit access and opportunity? What solutions do you have that can help us contribute to a more open, equal and just society?
In addition, some would challenge our role as information professionals due to the seeming ease of access provided by technology. How do we position ourselves in today's information environment? How can we be proactive? 

1.     Open and linked data

2.     Open access to scholarly communications

3.     MOOC’S or other learning models

*	Freedom of expression:

An unavoidable subject at the beginning of this year, what is our professional role in helping society to facing this challenge? How and why do we need to assume this responsibility? 

1.     Preventing and challenging calls for censorship

2.     Acting responsibly when faced with conflicting loyalties (employer, professional, personal)

3.     Positioning ourselves at the crossroads of different cultures and ideas

*	The information professional as activist – citizen engagement:

Vigilance, citizen interest, our communities, our society ... What are the tools we have as professionals that we can bring to bear on the challenges we face? What is our contribution to our society? How can we effectively support both our organizations and our peers? 

1.     Challenges and opportunities for librarians in this time of austerity and organizational change

2.     Political influence of information professionals (skills, strategies, positioning, etc.)

3.     Innovative services to reach and support our communities (mobile libraries, micro libraries, etc.)

In addition, proposals on more general topics such as service delivery, digitization, management, research practices, etc that supplement and/or support these three themes will equally be considered by the programming committee. 

Calling everyone!
Archivists, information professionals, document technicians, IT professionals, journalists, librarians, museum curators, business professionals, professors, etc. You are invited to share your ideas, experiences and expertise that promote and support the development of professionals in the library and information community.

New evaluation model
All proposals will undergo an anonymous peer review by the members of the program committee. This process ensures that submissions are evaluated solely on the quality of the proposal and the ideas put forward.


Presentation formats


Conference proposals may be submitted and presented in both French and English. There should be no more than two speakers for each presentation.

Theatre style room arrangement

*	Short presentation (Pecha Kucha, lightning talks, etc)
*	20 minute or 40 minute presentation (excluding the question period)
*	Panel discussion: 1 animator (time: 90 minutes, including the question period)

Round table style room arrangement 

*	Group case study: Discussion of a subject or case study in smaller groups, followed by a larger group discussion – 90 minute time allocation
*	World café: Each table has an assigned subject and subject-facilitator. Participants are invited to share their experiences and savoir-faire on the given subject. After 10-20 minutes (contingent on the number of participants), participants move to successive tables and the last 15 minutes serve as a general group discussion and exchange of ideas – 90 minute duration)

Please have a look at the Call for  <http://milieuxdoc.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ae5c604e01078c26e675f18fb&id=33e3aead6e&e=7fbbdaef14> proposals

Submission Dateline: April 19th, 2015


Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec Secrétariat - ASTED
2065 Rue Parthenais (Bur. 387), Montreal, QC, Canada, H2K 3T1
Tél.: 514.404.5012 |  <mailto:info at milieuxdoc.ca> info at milieuxdoc.ca

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