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Tue Dec 29 14:26:58 UTC 2015

@Margo, i found this initiative from Italy today, it seems like they have a lot of data and are well networked, maybe they can help you find local organisations as well? 

Posted by Mor on 12/29/2015

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Thanks Mor for replying! Yes, Migrant Files is really well done but I need data on organisations helping refugees/migrants, and the project is not reporting that.

I have found http://www.tagesschau.de/inland/hilfe-fuer-fluechtlinge-101.html, the map is under Open Data Commons Open Database Lizenz but there is no data to be downloaded from the site ... I contacted the people there and hope to hear from them.

For France & Belgium, there are definitely much less to be seen online ... still researching.

Posted by Margo on 12/24/2015

Hi Margo,

Beside the wonderful The Migrants file -  http://www.themigrantsfiles.com/ - I would love to hear about similar initiatives as well! 
@juliakloiber and @PJPauwels - do you know any initiatives in your countries?

Posted by Mor on 12/23/2015


I am looking for open data on local initiatives/projects/organisations supporting refugees in Europe, particularly in Germany, France & Belgium. 

Any tip?


Posted by Margo on 12/22/2015

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