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I had the pleasure of attending another edition of the Personal Democracy
Forum <https://personaldemocracy.com/conference> in NYC this week on the
future of civic tech and wanted to share some of the projects, initiatives,
or resources that inspired me from this dynamic community.

In no order of priority. Enjoy!



*Jean-No? Landry*
Director, Strategic Initiatives
LinkedIn <https://ca.linkedin.com/in/jeannoelandry> I 438-398-9338

1. http://opentrials.net/ :: Aggregates information from a wide variety of
existing sources, and aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the data
and documents on all trials conducted on medicines and other treatments
around the world.

2. https://debtcollective.org/ :: Helps people organize with each other to
challenge creditors. Debt Collective believes no one should have to go into
debt for basic needs like housing, healthcare, and education. When the
indebted join together they can build power to help create a just society.

3. http://thedatacitizen.org/ :: Empowers citizens to make more informed
decisions about their personal data.

4. http://thecivicbeat.com/ :: A collective of researchers and writers
looking at the creative side of civic technology. It support each other in
our goals to engage the public through writing, talks and workshops

5. http://www.buildwith.org/ :: A resource hub for direct partnership in
civic technology

6. http://sumofus.org/ :: A movement of consumers, workers and shareholders
speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large

7. http://www.faircarelabs.org/ :: Seeks to shape the future of the care
industry and emerging care markets. Its main focus is on raising market
norms and standards, partnering with the private sector, and building
scalable and sustainable business ventures.

8. http://ds4si.org/ :: An artistic research and development outfit for the
improvement of civil society and everyday life. Ds4si is situated at the
intersections of design thinking and practice, social justice and activism,
public art and social practice and civic / popular engagement.

9. http://publiclab.org/ :: Develops and applies open-source tools to
environmental exploration and investigation. By democratizing inexpensive
and accessible Do-It-Yourself techniques, Public Lab creates a
collaborative network of practitioners who actively re-imagine the human
relationship with the environment.

10. http://freelawfounders.org/ :: Nation-wide, collaborative effort open
to all people who want to improve how laws and legislation are produced and
presented to citizens of American states and cities.

11. http://largelots.org/about/ :: Housing land use approach that was
developed as part of the Green Healthy Neighborhoods public planning
process.The program is being piloted in community areas where the City owns
large amounts of vacant land in Chicago.

12. http://internet2016.net/ :: United by free speech, access, privacy,
choice and openness, this advocacy and mobilisation campaign believes that
these principles need to be the basis of all Internet policies.

13. http://frontporchforum.com/ ::  A free community-building service in
Vermont. Your neighborhood's forum is only open to the people who live
there. It's all about helping neighbors connect.

14. Applied  research by Google Civic Innovation Team on "Interested
:: sought to inform the design of civic-related products and services at
Google and across the civic technology community more broadly.

15. http://labs.robinhood.org/ :: Blue Ridge Labs is a Brooklyn-based
social impact incubator. Its programs encourage entrepreneurs, designers,
and developers to build products for communities that are often overlooked
by technology.

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