[Okfn-ca] Fwd: We need your nominations for the Canadian Open Data Summit Award!

Diane Mercier, Ph.D. diane at dianemercier.quebec
Sat Mar 21 20:58:34 UTC 2015

Appel à candidature pour le prix de reconnaissance du Sommet canadien 
sur les données ouvertes.

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Sujet : 	We need your nominations for the Canadian Open Data Summit Award!
Date : 	Sat, 21 Mar 2015 09:24:33 -0400
De : 	James McKinney <james at opennorth.ca>
Pour : 	summit2014 at opendatabc.ca

Dear Summit Committee,

The Canadian Open Data Award is given at the Canadian Open Data Summit 
in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the Canadian open data 

Last year, 8 nominations were received, 6 of which I submitted, include 
two of the three winners. I believe we can improve this situation!

People other than myself surely know of organizations and individuals 
deserving of recognition in open data.

I believe YOU are among those people!

*Submit a nomination today at http://opendatasummit.ca/awards/*

Like me last year, you can have an incredible impact on who wins the 
award, just by submitting!

“But, James, won’t organizations and individuals already be nominating 
themselves? Why must I do it?”

You must because it’s against the rules to nominate oneself. Awesome 
organizations and people need YOU. So submit now! And repeat for as many 
different organizations/people as you think should win.

Here’s to a competitive award! All the best,

James McKinney
Open North


Diane Mercier, Ph. D.
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