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Many thanks indeed for your message! I know the leaders of foraus pretty
well, and indeed I'm discussing different avenues for joint proposal etc.
with them. Both of us are working on important strategies for this country,
and there's certainly a connection in the way both organisations value
openness and participation.

Now when it comes to the specific funding sources I'm a bit sceptical: of
course we could try to participate in funding for youth and student
organisations, but for that we'd have to become one, first. None of
the most active people in the association are students, so we first would
have to establish a credible position as a youth organisation in order to
apply for such funding. For individual projects such as the Open Data
Projektwoche at Kantonsschule Enge etc. different funding mechanisms come
into play, too.

In terms of federal funding: yes of course, Opendata.ch is glad to be
supported by a wide range of institutions in the public sector - OKCon for
example would not have been possible without the support of a coalition
within the federal government.

To close, and to come back to your original idea: certainly we should do
more with really young folks, and good ideas as people with a good dose of
enthusiasm are very welcome indeed! Drop me a line off-list to discuss
any/all details!

Sending kind regards,

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Joseph Heaven <joseph.heaven at gmail.com>wrote:

> Zu Andreas' Anmerkung (Digest, Vol 10, Issue 7):
> Stiftungen / Sponsoren in Bereichen wie Bildung und Kultur, B?rgerbildung,
> Innovationsf?rderung
> The Foraus think-tank secured circa 200,000 CHF federal support over four
> years through the Kinder- und Jugendförderungsgesetz KJFG and the (bis
> 2012) Gesetz über die Förderung der ausserschulischen Jugendarbeit (JFG).
> www.forausblog.ch/teure-frage-gratis-antwort-ein-offener-brief-an-nationalrat-lukas-reimann/#.UxteX15gS2w
> Finanzhilfen Kinder- und Jugendförderungsgesetz KJFG:
> http://www.bsv.admin.ch/themen/kinder_jugend_alter/00067/index.html?lang=de#sprungmarke0_25
> Q. Could federal sources support some of OKFN-CH work / projects? e.g. if
> they are linked to youth / student hackathons.
> Joseph
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