[okfn-cz] Government Linked Data Workshop - Open Government Data Camp 2011, Warsaw

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Tue Sep 27 14:18:15 UTC 2011

Dear (Linked) Open Data interested parties,

(apologies for cross posting)

The LOD2 project [1] and the W3C government linked data (GLD) working group
[2] are very happy to announce the following workshop that will take place
in the afternoon of 20.10. 2011 in the course of the OGD Camp 2011 in Warsaw

*Title*: Government Linked Data Workshop - OGD Camp Warsaw
*What*: The Government Linked Data Workshop will discuss the current status
and best practices for linking open government data.
*When*: 20.10. 2011, 02.00pm to 06.00pm CEST
*Where*: OGD Camp 2011, Warsaw - Poland - Europe
*Information*: http://bit.ly/gld-workshop-ogdcamp2011
*CfL (Call for Lightningtalks)*: http://bit.ly/CfL-GLD-workshop

*What will happen there?*

We'll begin with three twenty minute keynotes that focus on the value of
moving from Open Data to *Linked* Open Data. The objective will be to show
the benefits of producing 5 star model defined by Tim Berners Lee [4] which
provides for linking related data sets. Following Linked Data principals,
organizations can model and publish valuable data without prior agreement on

The keynote talks will emphasis the current state of international best
practices, the work by the international members of the W3C, and highlight
where to find guidance on publishing and consuming Linked Data. Priority
will be given to lightening talk presenters who describe concrete use cases
and deployments of Linked Open Data for government use. A call for "best
practice lightening talks" is announced too by the workshop organisers (see
below). The lightning talk session will bring up to 8 short presentations of
concrete use cases & projects to the workshop audience to learn about best
practises in the area of GLD!

Importantly, the workshop will have an interactive component where all
participants are invited to work together and discuss concrete issues of
Linked Open Government Data. The goal is to document the most pressing
issues on Linked Open Government data including requirements, use cases, new
developments, and deployment experiences.

The workshop closes with a session summarizing the results of the small
working groups.

*Apply for a lightning talk*

If you are interested to showcase your concrete Government Linked Data
project or use case please participate in our Call for Lightningtalks (CfL)
asap and come to Warsaw and participate!!

We are looking forward to seeing your presentation and discuss your project
& use cases!!

*CfL facts*

   - *Deadline* for submission of lightning talks: *12.10. 2011, 08.00pm
   - *Information* about chosen lightning talks: *not later then 14.10.
   2011, 10.00am CEST*
   - *Lightning talks* will take place in the course of the *GLD workshop:
   20.10. 2011, 02.00pm – 06.00pm CEST*
   - *CfL:* http://bit.ly/CfL-GLD-workshop

[1] http://www.lod2.eu
[2] http://www.w3.org/2011/gld
[3] http://ogdcamp.org/
[4] http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData.html
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