[okfn-discuss] introduction to okfn-discuss: purpose and overview

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Oct 31 12:23:10 UTC 2005

Dear All,

The okfn-discuss list, which is public, has been set up for discussion 
among the board, between the board and the members, and between members 
themselves (if this list ever gets too busy then we will move 
administrative stuff elsewhere).

The purpose of setting up the OKF Network was twofold:

   1. To provide a loose community of similar minded projects/groups 
(analogy with Apache Software Foundation)
   2. To provide infrastructure to 'open knowledge' projects, especially 
campaigning ones, in a sustainable and responsive manner

Point 2 is of particular importance. It has been my experience that 
technical stuff (webhosting, mailing lists etc) while secondary to the 
activities of a project/group can often make a major difference (either 
for good or ill) in allowing the project/group to pursue its primary 
objectives (we have probably all experienced the situation where we 
can't alter some vital web page or set up a mailing list because the 
sysadmin was away or too busy or ....).

It is my hope that the Network by being a bit more 'institutional' (e.g. 
having a governance document, having this list) can avoid some of these 
pitfalls, for examply by ensuring there isn't just one person on whom 
all access depends, that there is a good balance between responsiveness 
to members and good, secure sysadminning etc. Some of you I know, 
(Martin, Pete especially) have had experience with similar projects in 
the past and I hope you will share the wisdom so gained with us as we go 
forward in this endeavour.



Current members of this list

(* indicates OKFN board member)

Jo Walsh (*)
Martin Keegan (*)
Francis Irving
Prodromos Tsiavos (*)
Pete Clay
Tom Chance
John Bywater (*)
Julian Priest
Saul Albert (*)
Peter Lockley (*)
Rufus Pollock (*)

Network members to whom technical services are provided

   * Freeculture-UK
   * WSFII
   * Geo
   * DRN
   * KnowledgeForge
   * OKFN and OKF themselves

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