[okfn-discuss] okfn.org now running on KForge

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jun 12 11:17:41 UTC 2006

The long promised move to run okfn.org/openknowledgefoundation.org on 
KForge has now taken place. By using KForge we retain the original 
website layout but have access to fully-featured web-based 
administrative backend at http://admin.okfn.org/. This makes it much 
easier to manage and support internal and external projects as well as 
to manage the okfn.org site layout.

Below are some notes about the transition including details of any 
changes to url layout. All Project Admins should read these files carefully.

All efforts have been made to ensure a smooth changeover but if there 
any bugs or issues please let me know.


Rufus Pollock

Notes for Project Admins

1. Admin Interface

You now have an administrative interface at:


2. Admin Users

Existing admin usernames (usually same name as project) and passwords 
have been migrated to users to the KForge system. If you would like to 
have personal logins please register yourself and then using the 
existing admin username login and make yourself an Administrator of the 
relevant project.

3. DAV Access and File Layout

Previously website files were accessed and edited at:

This has now changed to:

Please note that you can also find all your other site files (such as 
for moinmoin, svn etc) under:

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