[okfn-discuss] Contact management

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Mar 8 16:15:33 UTC 2006

Dear Tom,

This is another good idea -- and one I have often discussed with various 
people in the past. I'd be happy to have CiviCRM installed and trialled 
(Tom if you wanted to do this let me know and i can give you the 
necessary permissions). A few things to think about:

   * Sharing and security: people often don't want to share their 
contacts with everybody because the information may be confidential
   * Certain useful information about contacts cannot be public (such as 
past experience in dealing with this person). How will this be managed
   * What contacts is one looking to store and manage?
   * What does one want that a wiki does not provide?



Tom Chance wrote:
> Ahoy,
> Another suggestion of an OKFN-hosted techy solution: contact and relationship 
> management.
> We have a list of press contacts for Remix Reading in a wiki page:
> http://wiki.remixreading.org/index.php/Press
> It's probably slightly out of date by now though. It's horrible to maintain 
> and use.
> It would be great if we could install of SugarCRM [1] or CiviCRM [2] and then 
> all use it to gather our contacts, since we work in the same sorts of areas. 
> A good tagging schema would help keep things neat.
> What does everyone think?
> Regards,
> Tom
> [1] The open source version http://www.sugarcrm.com/crm/products/editions.html
> [2] http://www.openngo.org/aboutcivicrm

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