[okfn-discuss] open shakespeare v0.3

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Sep 28 09:31:53 UTC 2006


I've been working quite a bit on a new version (0.3) of open 
shakespeare. I've activated:


and have it serving the open shakespeare web interface (in the next 
iteration plan to develop this into a proper project website with a 
wordpress install and have the web interface at demo.openshakespeare.org).

Main improvement is the mutiviews which you can see a demonstration of 
by visiting:


Which will show the Gutenberg normal and folio editions of Othello side 
by side.

There is also now an open shakespeare project page on the OKFN website 
which lists in detail the purpose of the project:


The trac installation to manage the project is:


Roadmap is here:


== Changelog ==

   * Can now view mutiple texts side by side (ticket:15)
   * Now include moby/bosak versions of shakespeare as well as gutenberg 
(ticket:10) (though more work remains to be done to process these 
versions to plaintext and html)
   * Fix bug whereby we were missing some of the available gutenberg 
texts (ticket:18)
   * Install the shakespeare python package (ticket:16)
   * Move to py.test from unittest

== Outstanding Issues ==

0. Would it better with the multiviews to stack views horizontally 
rather than vertically (with the horizontal view parts of a line are 
often cut off)

1. Several of the source texts seem to break the viewer due kid (the 
templating system) complaining about about 'not well-formed (invalid 
token) xml'. Any help in tracking this down would be very useful

2. Need to have more information on the front page about the interface, 
   * information about viewing in different formats (e.g. you can view 
the raw version of a text by appending ?format=raw to the url and to get 
line numbers do ?format=lineno)
   * information about the multiview (concatenate ids using +)

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