[okfn-discuss] CKAN questions

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Tue Dec 18 16:37:17 UTC 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 06:12:25PM +0000, Jonathan Gray wrote:
> (One idea I've been *really*  keen 
> on for a while is in visualising public data a la gapminder, swivel, many 
> eyes, etc.)

Yes, of all the things OKFN could organise/fund that is the one I'm
most interested in.

Perhaps somehow include in CKAN structural information as to the
format of the data - even procedural stuff for extracting it from the
remote site. And create the amazing modern visualising equivalent of a
spreadsheet, that lets people do ace stuff with it.

I don't know how generic this can be - but swivel indicates more so
than is at first apparent.


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