[okfn-discuss] Re: Annotation systems

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Feb 7 08:21:24 UTC 2007

Tom Chance wrote:
>>> If you're looking at improving an existing system, it would be
>>> good to work together to get programmers or funds.
>> That would be great Tom. We're definitely looking to build on
>> existing work and have already started on adapting marginilia to
>> work with open shakespeare. I also know there are several other
>> people on the okfn-discuss list who are working on similar stuff,
>> for example in relation to drupal (and for that reason I'm cc'ing
>> okfn-discuss on this mail).
> That sounds good. Is your work on marginalia portable, or would it
> require us to bring in a chunk of OKFN technology to get it working

It's intended to be portable. The current python server implementation 
is entirely standalone and you could integrate it with whatever system 
you were using.

> on our server? Does this need programmers, funds, cheerleaders or
> more peanut gallery comments?

Python programming help would be useful and that could come either from 
volunteer programmers or from funds. I hope to get a running demo up 
online soon as part of open shakespeare and at that point comments and 
suggestions for improvements would also be useful.


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