[okfn-discuss] The Political Spectrum

Julian Priest julian at informal.org.uk
Tue Feb 20 00:53:57 UTC 2007

Hi All,

hope this isn't OT for the list but wondered if I could ask some advice.

I'm doing the documentation for a piece I did last year at the Waves
exhibition in Riga called the Political Spectrum.

The piece was a 6 meter white board which was added to by hundreds of
visitors to the exhibition over the course of about a month so it is a
work created entireley in a public space by multiple authors. I've
given the actual piece to a Public Institution in Latvia (the
University of Riga) and now want to distribute an image of it in a
digital form and want that to be in the public domain to the maximum
possible extent.

I guess as the photographer the copyright of the photograph is
currently with me so will doing something like a Creative Commons
public domain declaration be ok?

Does anyone know if a declaration like that has any validity outside
the US?


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