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Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Mon Jan 8 15:58:18 UTC 2007

I got this green error:

There was more than 1 match for the text you tried to annotate. Only
the first match will be annotated. If you want to annotate a different
bit of the text please include more of the works arround the section.

But then this also more nasty red one:

user warning: Table 'stern_stern.annotations' doesn't exist query:
INSERT INTO annotations VALUES(421,27,'Vestibulum consectetuer
convallis nunc',1) in
/home/stern/public_html/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 167.

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 03:35:27PM +0000, Simon Roe wrote:
> This is an email I sent to Rufus following a conversation about
> annotation systems.
> Both of us have seen a need to get some better way of
> commenting/annotating longer texts on the web.
> I'm only posting it as a base for more conversation on this list.
> =========================
> In short, I gave you a link to: http://stern.talusdesign.co.uk/node/27
> I'm making the whole thing as a drupal module, so that anyone else
> running drupal 5 will be able to install it and select what pages will
> have annotation on them.  This will take all the work out of making
> something like comment on power for example.  (it's not actually
> working yet, but it's very close)
> The whole thing should work without any javascript at all, but it does
> require copy and paste, so I'm not sure how accessible that makes it.
> I can't see any way of annotating text if you can't select something
> though, so copy and paste isn't too much of a big step above that.
> The finished thing will submit the annotation using javascript if it's
> enabled.
> Once an annotation is made, people will be able to comment on it,
> starting something like a forum thread about that selection of text.
> One of the main questions is about the display of annotations.  I
> really don't like the GPL annotator that highlights the words - I feel
> that it just gets in the way.
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