[okfn-discuss] Thinking about Annotation

Simon Roe simon.roe at talusdesign.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 15:56:27 UTC 2007

> If you include the # part at the end of the URL (which can refer
> to ids in the document), you can have something precise enough for
> most purposes. (e.g. An annotation in a blog linking to a paragraph in
> a government document, which the government document automatically
> picks up a as a back link)

But that leaves the atomisation down to the author of the document and
doesn't allow for comments that are different lengths than the IDs in
the document.  The difference between commenting and annotating for me
is this ability to annotate any length with a short note about the
subject matter whereas writing a blog post implies more of a reply to
the points to me.

The lines are fizzy at best, but I don't think that sort of system
would get you much more that what you have at TWFY or comment on power
- both systems that you've said aren't great.

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