[okfn-discuss] Re: OK1.0 site improvements

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Jan 25 13:33:42 UTC 2007

Jo Walsh wrote:
> some thoughts re OK1:

> Partly a namespace issue - i know i am a cracked record on
> this - the fact that it's /okforums/okcon/ both pushes it down in size
> and makes it less memorable. It looks like a regular page, something
> low-key. We could move it up just one level would help, and i think

I've done this and you can now find it at:


Maybe we should even register a domain, particularly if we plan to do 
more of these in future years. okcon.org seems to be available.

> also drop the regular OKFN header and maybe give it - OMG no - a LOGO
> What we did for Wsfii was low-impact but worked. I'd rather
> conceptually align it more with Wsfii than with the OKForum series. 
> (though clearly it is a part of both.) I know the speaker list will
> help a lot too; at which point i am looping again.

OK1.0 is definitely following directly in WSFII London's footsteps so 
this would make perfect sense (though as you say it comes from both -- 
and WSFII itself built on some of the forums).

> also the registration link isn't visible enough. it slipped past my
> eyes. it should be repeated at the top of the page with a more
> pressing urge to actually REGISTER NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST

I've also made this change. Any other suggestions for improvements 
gratefully received.



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