[okfn-discuss] Open Knowledge 2 timing

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Jul 19 11:23:32 UTC 2007

Jonathan wrote:
>> I would like an "Open Transport" session this time and there is one
>> person I would particularly want to invite, as soon as plausible.
>> So, picking a date comes before and along with picking a space.
> Open Transport as in Apple, or as in train?

As in trains, planes and automobiles. Also Open Transport is short for 
Open Transport *Data* (we're not thinking of building a car ...)

>> The 23rd is Easter Sunday, an early one this year. So the 15th might
>> make sense putting us at the start of the academic holiday.
>> Or would be think about going earlier?
> 15th sounds like a good date to aim for.

Yes though I note SXSW is March 7-16 (but interactive closes on the 
11th). So either we try for the 15th of March or we go for something 
post Easter such as Saturday 29th or Saturday 5th of April. What do 
people think:

15th March: SXSW potential conflict
29th March: People may go on holiday Easter week
5th April: ?

> Regarding the venue, could anyone fill me in with what our options are?

We need somewhere that can take 100+ people and I think we want to focus 
on somewhere in centralish London. Talked with LSE last year but rates 
were high (though with an entrance fee can probably cover this). Other 
possibilities are Imperial Union building (used for NotCon back in 2004) 
and BCS (Michael mentioned this one).


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