[okfn-discuss] Modding CC-licenses for data

Peter Suber peters at earlham.edu
Fri Jun 22 19:57:11 UTC 2007

At 07:50 AM 6/22/2007, Rufus wrote:
>I agree though my understanding of CC's positions is that they don't CC 
>licenses to be applied to data -- only to the copyrigtable elements of 
>databases. In fact talks with John Willbanks at iCommons indicated that 
>they may be planning a communique on this precise issue.

In case it helps, here's the Science Commons FAQ on using CC licenses for 

To answer one of Rufus' original questions, I think it's important to 
encourage database providers to waive any "database rights" they may have 
under the laws of their country, even if these are not codified as part of 
copyright law.  A license that could make such a waiver clear for users and 
enforceable in court would be very beneficial.

      Peter Suber

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