[okfn-discuss] Modding CC-licenses for data

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Mon Jun 25 09:44:06 UTC 2007

Quoting Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org>:

> On the share-alike front it seems to be that for data there are exactly
> the same problems of 'enclosure' as one has for code (cf. Gracenote).
> The sharealike provision can provide an effective way to deal with this.

I think it is important to illustrate the call for DB Right terms in  
licenses with actual examples of harm, and actual examples of lost  
economic opportunities. Such as Gracenote (and ...?).

Otherwise the prospect of the gift of data to VC-funded Web 2.0  
startups is in danger of being the guiding principle for CC's thought  
in this area.

- Rob.

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