[okfn-discuss] more specific ideas for ok2 streams

Saul Albert saul at theps.net
Wed Nov 28 07:54:07 UTC 2007

Dear okffers,

Knowing that we really need help co-ordinating the programme, I
initiated conversations at a NODE.London (http://wiki.nodel.org) meeting
about a possible collaboration with okcon. I think these were two very
good proposals for sessions:

- Adnan Hadzi would be interested in helping to organise another 'Open
  Media' panel this year, in his capacity as a researcher at Goldsmiths,
  he can put in the time and some limited resources (500 squids or so)
  towards pulling this together. I think it would be a great idea. Gift
  horse, mouth etc.

- Ilze Black has suggested a 'Free Youth Culture' panel, with some real
  free young people who have been working on media education projects in
  a network of organisations around the UK and Europe. I've spoken to
  her and this would not be a 'showcase' as such, but a critical look at
  what the institutional/legislative landscape is for young people's
  cultural production. I think this could be a really interesting new
  area to explore at an okcon. Working in related projects with The
  People Speak (http://theps.net), I'm constantly appalled at how a
  proprietary culture is shoved down their throats at every
  opportunity. Not that I'm biased mind you ;)

In both cases, I might also be able to muster some financial support,
via a NODE.London-based funding application for good documentation of
the event.

In any case, I think these two panels could provide a very useful
contribution - and would come with some human/financial resources to
pull them together (an important point!).




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