[okfn-discuss] Guide to open licensing

Jonathan jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Sep 3 21:49:33 UTC 2007

Hi Rufus,
>> At the suggestion of some people from the One Laptop Per Child 
>> project, I've recently been working on a very basic Guide to open 
>> licensing, which can be found here:
>>   http://www.opendefinition.org/guide
> This looks really excellent Jonathan. My one question is as to whether 
> give we are being so general (e.g. open license as opposed to open 
> content license) whether we want to be more explicit the fact that 
> this is also dealing with other material such as data (i know we've 
> got a link at the bottom to the guide to open data licensing ...).

Good idea. I'll work on it. Also do you think this is clear enough on 
the front page?

> Seeing this I also wonder whether we should try integrating the Open 
> Data stuff. If we were to add a section on copyright we'd then have a 
> nice structure with the general intro you've already written followed 
> by (perhaps on subpages) sections dealing specifically with e.g. 
> content, data, copyright, database rights etc.
I'll add a few (similarly general) paragraphs on copyright, rights in 
data, etc. and expand the further information section.



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