[okfn-discuss] Shakespeare chronology

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Sep 14 09:27:28 UTC 2007

Jonathan wrote:
> Thank you for all of the links Peter!

Yes indeed. There is certainly a great deal of material there! (And 
thank-you Peter for providing it).

> It does appear that a chronology would be pretty conjectural.
> Perhaps a summary of the evidence available could be included instead?

Or even better perhaps one could present multiple timelines to 
illustrate the different possibilities. This certainly seems to be a 
suitable opportunity for trying out the Simile javascript timeline ...

> I've yet to get access to the statistical study but it does look 
> interesting.

In the mean time we need volunteers to help proof-read the encyclopaedia 
britannica material at:


Any help would be much appreciated ...


> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Jonathan wrote:
>>>>   * Need a chronology of Shakespeare's works
>> That appears to be a task fraught with difficulty.
>> Some relevant links:
>> http://www.britannica.com/shakespeare/article-232313
>> http://www.shakespeare-online.com/keydates/playchron.html
>> http://www.dlhoffman.com/publiclibrary/Shakespeare/by-year.html
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronology_of_Shakespeare_plays
>> http://www.william-shakespeare.info/william-shakespeare-play-chronology-dates.htm
>> http://www.enotes.com/william-shakespeare/chronology-shakespeares-works
>> http://www.bardweb.net/plays/timeline.html
>> I have not been able to find this one online but it looks interesting:
>> http://www.springerlink.com/index/P0812N8T616X0766.pdf
>> And let us not forget:
>> http://project.knowledgeforge.net/shakespeare/trac/ticket/26
>> Peter

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