[okfn-discuss] [OT] RecentChangesCamp 2008, May 9-11, Palo Alto, CA

Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Tue Apr 29 19:23:24 UTC 2008

I wanted to quickly invite people interested or involved with Free 
Content to consider coming to RecentChangesCamp 2008. RecentChangesCamp 
is the world-wide "unconference" for wiki practitioners and those who 
love them.


Wikis and wiki-like techniques are responsible for a lion's share of the 
Open Content available in the world. Anyone interested in massively 
parallel construction of Free and Open Content will find kindred spirits 
at this one-of-a-kind event. If you want to find out how projects like 
Wikipedia create metric tonnes of free and open content -- or launch one 
of your own -- this is the event for you. We especially encourage people 
with experience in community, technology, and content creation not 
directly related to wiki to come learn and teach.

RecentChangesCamp is free of charge for all participants. We ask that 
all attendees sign up ahead of time on the wiki, just for planning 
issues, but last-minute drop-ins are encouraged and welcome. And be 
prepared to talk -- RCC is about peer-to-peer communications!

Also, /please/ feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone you 
think might be interested (blog posts, diggs, reddits, and other sharing 
also welcome!). RCC is the family reunion of the wiki ohana, and we 
don't want to miss a single cousin or neighbor just because they didn't 
hear about the event.


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