[okfn-discuss] License for GroupsNearYou

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Mar 6 12:41:56 UTC 2008

Francis Irving wrote:
> What license should we be licensing the data on GroupsNearYou under?
> http://www.groupsnearyou.com/api

Looks nice by the way ... :)

> What licenses for basically pure data, with a tiny bit of copyright in
> the descriptions, are suitable these days?

See the licenses listed on:


Most of them have a 'Domain of Application' attribute which states what 
area to use them in. Given that what you basically want is an 
attribution license you could use CC-By with a mod or try the MIT db 
license or use Jordan Hatcher's Open Database License (though this is 
still in alpha/beta).

If you need more detail on the whole data question is of course:



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