[okfn-discuss] A potential econtent funding application

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sat Apr 18 15:29:43 UTC 2009

dear all,

There is an "econtent" funding round with JISC that Jordan mentioned that
would be good to apply for - the "Clustering and enhancing digital content"
area from which up to a quarter of a million per project.

This needs to be in partnership with at least one higher education institution
through whom the application would be submitted.
"The partners cannot be allocated more than 50% of the total funding."
The final application date is the beginning of June.

"improving the usability and resource discovery aspects of a resource;
merging the metadata or technical infrastructure for related but
isolated resources; developing cross-search functionality; exploiting
Web2.0 methodologies such as data mash-ups to ‘cross-fertilise’ the
content in existing resources; embedding existing resources into
teaching and learning"

We would have to support some standards stack, e.g. SRW/SRU and OAI-PMH

"Are there clear deliverables?
sustainable and embedded end-product?

How will the success of the project be measured?
assessment of risks
previous successful delivery
expertise of the team
supporting letters?

Open source, open standards, open data. Software maturity and maintainability.
Risk analysis.
The nature of institutional contributions should be clearly identified
(and each needs to submit a letter of support)
5 days a year for meeting and reporting with funders

Then there is a lot of boilerplate, budgeting etc and I would be
happy to put a first draft together.
I will base it on what would happen were
KnowledgeForge and CKAN were to be souped up and given infrastructure.
Perhaps Jordan you will be able to circulate this to Robin Rice or
other potential academic partners for a project, or just forward this

http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dctb97jj_4d3bbxxgd - grant application



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