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This is an interesting study:


Extracts from main findings

"In the increasingly international and interdisciplinary context of
research, locating data in disparate repositories in different
countries, gaining access to them through a web of licence agreements
in different languages, and re‐using them in a multitude of file
formats can be a daunting task. These barriers are not easy to
overcome - the sheer diversity of data makes it difficult to design
tools with the range and ability to accommodate and translate between
the distinctly different data needs of the various domain
communities." (p. 3)

"Studies in the UK and Australia have demonstrated low awareness of
policies and requirements, and a lack of adequate data management
skills among researchers. Similar conclusions have been drawn from
digital library user surveys. Researchers require guidance in
translating policy requirements, including open access policy, into
operational tasks for which they can plan and take responsibility."
(p. 4)

"A significant agreement of common principles and standards amongst
the funding agencies for widening access to research data is being
stimulated by statements from international groups including the Open
Access movement." (p. 4)

"UK research funding organisations should jointly agree on data
sharing principles and develop a set of common criteria for their data
sharing policies." (p. 7)

"Data sharing policies should recommend data deposit in an appropriate
open access data repository and/or data centre where these exist." (p.

"JISCLegal should provide enhanced advice and guidance to the research
community on all aspects of IPR and other rights issues relating to
data sets." (p. 8)

"Work by JISC and the research councils, on developing model licences
for data, should be co‐ordinated so that a minimum set of standard
licences are adopted more widely." (p. 8)

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International Approaches to Enabling the Sharing of Data

The final report and and a summary of the main findings of a
JISC-funded study that compares national data infrastructures is
available from the JISC website.


This study was researched and written by Raivo Ruusalepp on behalf of
the Digital Curation Centre and contains descriptions and analysis of
the references that are made, and the arrangements that exist, in a
number of OECD countries, relating to the sharing of research data.

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