[okfn-discuss] Weaving History (Microfacts): http://weavinghistory.org/

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Apr 28 16:08:24 UTC 2009

It's really very nice! Good decision about the style. It makes lots of
sense to echo the styles of KForge, CKAN, OpenShakespeare, OpenMilton,
PublicDomainWorks, Desire, Eternity, Provide, and ScanBooker. Great work
Nick, not least....

Does it still use moovc.js? :-)


PS Napoleon seems to work ok, although errors are reported in the vendor
libs. But Nietzsche doesn't really show up at all ("C is null" error in
the Simile lib). Using Firefox 3.0.3.

PPS Factlets seem to be presented in isolation to their threads. Just
having a straight list of the threads that involve a factlet might be nice.

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> If you've got a moment please take a look at:
> http://weavinghistory.org/
> Taglined: 'Index cards on steroids' this is a web application to let
> people create 'factlets' - places, people, events, string them
> together into 'threads' at the click of a button and then
> automatically visualize the results temporally and spatially.
> We've been working on the project off and on for the last year (and
> more) but it only just reached a "stablish" enough beta to be ready
> for (more) public consumption.
> Please take a look around and let me know any comments (+ve/-ve etc)
> or breakages.
> Also interested to hear people's views on naming -- we're still
> undecided on Weaving History versus Microfacts and if people have
> alternative suggestions it would be great to hear them.
> Rufus

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