[okfn-discuss] Cofundos project: Bookmarklet for CKAN?

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Mar 5 10:38:04 UTC 2009

Hi Jonathan,

Many thanks for your positive reply....

Jonathan Gray wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:06 PM, John Bywater
> <john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net> wrote:
>> We could iterate a fund raising programme by following the operational cycle
>> for software clubs:
>> http://appropriatesoftware.net/foundation/docs/OperationalGuideforSoftwareClubs.pdf
>> We could write a proposal for Open Knowledge Software Club by cut-n-pasting
>> either:
>> http://appropriatesoftware.net/foundation/docs/ClubofClubsProposal.pdf
>> http://appropriatesoftware.net/scanbooker/docs/ScanClubProposal.pdf
>> You'd make an excellent software club host! ;-)
> This sounds interesting. I've finally gotten round to having a look at
> the PDFs. What would this involve in the first instance?

Thanks a lot. In the first instance, starting at the red box on p3 of 
the Operational Guide ("research and qualify the club proposition"). Can 
you see the diagram (Fig 2)? There's a section about this box also on p3 
(below the diagram).

Basically there are two lists: straightforward proposals for open 
knowledge system development; and likely beneficiaries and sponsors of 
such open knowledge system developments.

The host goes around presenting each item on the list to each domain 
actor firstly to seek agreement in principle 
(we'll-do-it-if-others-do-it) and secondly to agree and make actual 

Both lists are extended as new proposals and new beneficiaries are 
discovered. Proposed work is decoupled from the funding cycle. Status 
information about the club and the progression of each proposal is 
published to secure the ongoing confidence of the membership.

We could derive an initial list of development proposals by reviewing 
outstanding development work. We could derive an initial list of 
beneficiaries by going through the multitudinous contacts of the OKF. :-)

> Perhaps you could create a page on the wiki for this, with a rough
> proposal ported from docs above, e.g. at:
>   http://okfn.org/wiki/SoftwareClub

Did that just now.... see what you think?

> What do others think? This could be particularly interesting regarding
> getting input from other groups or individuals, as well as offers of
> resources.

Nicely put. That's essentially the head of this particular nail.

> Perhaps we could use something like this in conjunction with Cofundos?

I hope so. I would very much enjoy hearing how Auer et al would like 
Cofundos to develop, what they think about the domain-centric software 
club approach &c.

Best wishes,


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