[okfn-discuss] Art + Politics of P2P Bristol March 24

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Mar 16 19:15:57 UTC 2009

Saul Albert wrote:
> More evidence of the confused clash of cultures between a publicly
> supported arts sector that has entrenched, self-justifying
> 'non-commercial' values on the one hand, and an arts council policy and
> impoverished funding environment that is trying to create more
> economically liberal attitudes amongst fundees, encouraging commercial
> 'partnerships' and fiscal viability in planning. 

I suggested BY-SA when the Arts Council did their last token^D^D public
consultation. It hasn't made it into public policy yet. ;-)

> It's probably worth doing a re-education campaign about NC for
> organisers, curators, funders and other people whose whim determines
> what license gets slapped on the proceeds of a project.

Yes that's a good idea. I know that they think they are "protecting"
people with NC, but they are just protecting them from getting anything
back or starting anything interesting.

> It's also probably worth turning up and making the point in person
> because the cast for the day is an interesting one (who are bound to be
> more sensitive than the organisers to the nuances of licensing).

I'm a fan of the p2p foundation so I'd love to. But I'll be just back
from the States the day before and on the wrong side of the country, so
it's not really practical. :-(

- Rob.

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