[okfn-discuss] Ideas for OKCon 2010?

Claudia Mueller-Birn clmb at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Sep 3 14:55:17 UTC 2009

Hi ,

Enclosed you will find some suggestions/ideas/thoughts regarding the  
planned ok conference 2010.


PS: Sorry for the format but I had some problems with my web  
server ... therefore different trials were necessary to get it  
posted... but finally ...

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>> Dear all,
>> Am Jul 8, 2009 um 10:16 AM schrieb Sören Auer:
>>> Rufus Pollock wrote:
>>>> This all sounds great! I think we definitely want to aim to  
>>>> organize
>>>> the event around 3-4 streams such as the Technology, Society and
>>>> Culture items as you mentioned.
>>> Perfect! I created a wiki page for drafting the CfP at:
>>> http://wiki.okfn.org/okcon/2010/cfp
>> This e-mail is since ages in my inbox and I just had a look on the  
>> call. Sorry, that it took so long... However, here my thoughts:
>> The introduction is well-written but I am missing the goal. Why we  
>> want to bring all these different people together. Something like,  
>> "to exchange how an open knowledge project should be organized",  
>> "criteria to be successful", "advantage of applying the open  
>> knowledge approach", "technical challenges", etc. I know, there are  
>> some topics in the call, but the people will start to read the  
>> introduction first.
>> I would recommend an extension of the society part: "How open  
>> knowledge initiative change the virtual and real interpersonal  
>> relationships?". Or something similar. For the science part I  
>> recommend: "Models to analyse or visualize open knowledge"... maybe  
>> that is too far away?!
>> Is it planned to prepare a template for the wiki page for the  
>> authors. It is a very unusual process, but I like it. Very good idea!
>>>> I also think, even with a very open process, it would be good to  
>>>> have
>>>> a formal programme/organizing committee for OKCon this year to set
>>>> deadlines, handle the CFP etc.
>>> Yes, I would separate the programme into:
>>> (a) an *open part*, which can be organized in whatever way (e.g. as
>>> Claudia suggested using the open space metaphor) and
>>> (b) an *research track*, with a formal but very open submission and
>>> reviewing process (this would enable us to also attract attention  
>>> from
>>> research communities relevant to OCKON), since I think they  
>>> respond more
>>> to a more formalized submission procedure.
>> What is about the open part? Is it still planed?
>>>> What do people think (and anyone want to put themselves forward?).
>>> I'm happy to serve in the programme committee of the research  
>>> track and
>>> even to take the lead here. However, I think it would be important  
>>> to
>>> have people on board which cover and represent the different  
>>> pillars -
>>> so please shoot me an email or add yourself to the Wiki page if  
>>> you are
>>> interested to help publicizing the call in your community, reviewing
>>> papers and arranging the programme.
>>> --Sören
>> I know, I could have directly changed the call in the Wiki, but  
>> because I am a newbie on this list, at least as an active member, I  
>> want to discuss my thoughts.
>> Best, Claudia
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